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UTS Corporation welcomed the Japan Computer Systems Seller Association Delegation in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city: The UTS Corporation was honor to host the delegation of the Japan Computer Systems Seller Association (Mr. Matsunami is the General Secretary) headed by Mr.Shimoyama of Kaga Electronics to its office in Ho Chi Minh city yesterday. The delegation consists of more than a dozen large corporations from Japan such as KAGA Electronics, Otsuka, Nikko Telecom, Kaga Educational Marketing, Trend Micro, PCA, Hyper Marketing, Hyper, KSG Company, Inter Link, JMC; a total of 17 people. The delegation visited our working offices, learned our business and working philosophy, corporate structure, and had a brief exchanged with the management led by President Setsuro Tamai, Dr. William H. Nguyen, and Dr. Son on the mission of the UTS Corporation, its unique value and capability, and what it can do for the Japan IT market.